EDEN'S FALL combine aspects of thrash, death, speed, progressive and classic heavy metal to create a unique sound that features primarily clean lead vocals with backing vocal growls. With an emphasis on song structure and melody, their music is heavily guitar driven with dual guitar rhythms and solos in addition to a solid foundation of bass guitar and double-bass drumming. For fans of NEVERMORE, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, ICED EARTH, DEATH, ARCH ENEMY and early METALLICA, MEGADETH, JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN.

Formed in August 2000, EDEN'S FALL has been a staple of the Chicago metal scene for over a decade. Combining influences that appeal to many fans across the various sub-genres of metal, their blistering live performances have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with national touring band such as Overkill, Metal Church, Flotsam and Jetson, Meliah Rage, Lamb of God, Havochate, Kataklysm and Solitude Aeturnus and as well as many amazing local and regional acts like Ion Vein, Twelfth Gate, Novembers Doom, Degradation, Luna Mortis, Lazarus AD, Rival, Division, Katagory V, October 31, Single Bullet Theory, Tyrant's Reign and The Everscathed.

The release of their critically acclaimed debut CD, "Harmony of Lies" in 2005 has caught the attention and praise of reviewers and press worldwide. The band is nearly complete with the writing process for a follow up CD and has recently begun pre-production and recording. Through relentless dedication and passion for the music, EDEN'S FALL is an unstoppable force blazing their own path of original metal to the masses.

John Barr - Vocals
Ray Smith - Drums
Dan Gronowski - Bass & Backing Vocals
Tony Gronowski - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mike Hraha - Guitar

For more information, E-mail us at: edensfall@edensfall.com

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